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12 days ago - 11 days ago
**5 years on Tatoeba!**

In 2013 I was invited to join Tatoeba by Shishir (Rocío) and On March 3rd,2014 I've created this account. I can't express how happy and excited I am every single day I spend here
On these 5 years I got promoted to CM, I have joined that Tatoeba language team with cueyayotl and Sabretou, I helped to created tickets on GitHub during Tatoeba days, posted almost 50,000 sentences, I learned a bit about programming.... whoa, so much in a short period of time. Thank you!
I'don't like to thank everyone who have helped me to be a good member and to learn to manage a community and languages- Rocío, Lisa, Trang, Alex, cueyayotl, Sabretou, odexed, gillux, Paul, Guybrush, Alan, carlosalberto, Amastan, mraz, CK and so many others. Really thank you.
I know I am far from being a good member but I hope I can do more to help this awesome website to grow up. I've been inviting some people to join like Ergulis and MarinKjp and hope more join us

Thank you all!!!!!
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12 days ago
Kedves Ricardo14!

Szívből gratulálok, jó egészséget, sok szerencsét és minden jót kívánok!

Éljen a Tatoeba!

Üdvözlet Budapestről (Magyarország): mraz

(u.i. Mindennek jelentősége és miértje van >m> mraz)
11 days ago
Gratulon, Ricardo, kaj dankon ankaŭ al vi!!
11 days ago
Kedves Ricardo14!

Köszönöm figyelmességedet.

Igen! Üdvözlettel: mraz