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2019-03-17 03:38 - 2019-03-17 06:37
Create a Dashboard of Customized Links for

It's been updated to include a few new items.

If you are a regular user of this, you may need to force a reload to get the new version of the external .js file.

For people who haven't yet tried this, ...

1. This will load in faster than, since it will cache on your own computer and doesn't require a connection to the database.

- If you just need to get to the search or need to get some specific links, you can save time.

2. This is set up to give you several options for ways to find sentences to translate into your own language.

3. Once you have chosen the language you want to translate from and your native language, you can bookmark the resulting page, and access your bookmark. This means you don't have to set it up every time.

4. Members who like to translate from several languages, can easily set up and bookmark several versions of this. The external .js file that gets cached on your computer is the same one.

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2019-03-17 13:13
Thanks for that. However it displays "Not secure" - . Is that a big problem?
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2019-03-18 00:15
That just means it's http: and not https:
Since you're not submitting any data to that website, it doesn't matter.
There are a lot of websites using http: and not https.

2019-03-20 03:12
Preset Searches for Study on

I made this as a modified advanced search with a few presets options.
Perhaps some members may find this useful.

1. show only sentences by members who claim to be native speakers.
2. random sort

You can easily change a few other options.