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12 days ago - 12 days ago
**EDIT** Never mind, I think I am supposed to use the download section and make code to parse for sentences I want. For developers this should be no big thing.

I just wanted to give my high school students a ML experience but I guess I will have to go through a parsing section first.
**End Edit**

Just wondering if anyone knows why lists have a 100 sentence limit on downloads. I am trying to make larger lists for machine learning models and this is a pretty negative feature then.
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12 days ago
What is a ML experience?

I am currently working on removing this 100 sentences limit so that any list can be downloaded. You can follow my progress on this page:

The lists can be downloaded as CSV files (the same file format as the files on the Downloads page). I would like to know if this format is okay for your use case.
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11 days ago

A machine learning experience.