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11 days ago
Dear Tatoebians,

Recently I have been working on improving the export capabilities of Tatoeba. I created the necessary code base to provide customized exports (as opposed to our generic exports of the Downloads page). In the future, I plan to allow various kind of exports, like all sentences of a specific language, of a specific user, having a specific license, sentence pairs… But for now, I just started with implementing list exports.

You can check this out on our development website Log in with the same credentials as here, and then go to the page From there, you should be able to export and download any list you have access to, no matter how big it is.

Feedback is very welcome.
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11 days ago
I tried with some lists, including one containing almost 400 sentences, and it worked properly.

In the meanwhile, I have a few suggestions:

1) I'd like to see the ID of sentences. For example: I download some lists for whatever reason, and, if I notice any mistake in a sentence and I want to report the mistake on Tatoeba, I would personally find it quicker to copy and paste the ID rather than the sentence.

2) I would find a delete button useful. If I download something and then I notice it isn't the thing I wanted to actually download, I'd like to have the opportunity to delete it, since this would avoid any confusion to the user if he/she has the need to download many things, and, not less important, doing this would free some space on the server.

3) What about mentioning the license of the sentences contained in lists? Maybe this would be helpful if someone wants to reuse them.
11 days ago
I tried downloading some lists containing more than 1,000 sentences and it worked fine. The only drawback is that exported lists are monolingual.

That 100-sentence limitation was a problem. Thanks for working on it.
4 days ago
I just saw that the download button is truncated when the list name is long:
3 days ago - 3 days ago
I would like to see the owners name as a 4th field added to the export.

BTW, it took less than 3 minutes to generate the file for List 907 (over 714,000 sentences) and get it downloaded