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9 days ago
I'm from TURKEY.
18 years old.
My native language is Turkish but apart from English, the language which I know the most is English (C1 level)
Even twice in 2-3 days, making translation and convert an English text to Turkish or vice versa.
If there are someone who learns Turkish, we shall learn together and help each other cause I want to improve more and more and speak more fluently than before. :)

You can reach me on Instagram or Facebook.
Instagram: kolver.emre.tur
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9 days ago - 9 days ago
Şu linkten cümlelerinize yapılan yorum ve düzeltme önerilerini görebilirsiniz. Ara sıra kontrol etmenizde yarar var.
9 days ago - 9 days ago

The best ways to contribute are probably:

1. Translate English sentences to Turkish. You can find some English sentences with no translations here:

2. Add sentences that use Turkish vocabulary people would like to see. You can find a list here:
I wrote some advice on how to go about it here:

3. Add Turkish sentences related to your hobbies or other areas of interest. Tatoeba has usually quite a poor coverage of specialized vocabulary, so adding some is valuable. You can combine this with translating sentences by searching for some relevant English words and translating the sentences that use those.