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25 days ago
Hello everyone, I'm back!
It's been years since I became a member. I still wonder if Tatoeba is now available in Android because today many people here use smartphone more often than computer. Still, for me the interface of this site isn't so userfriendly in web browser, not to mention that my slow internet speed here in the place I live is frustrating. I hope I can find new way to continue contributing Indonesian and Sundanese sentences effortlessly.

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24 days ago
Hi there and welcome back!

Well, people here worked on making Tatoeba running smoothly on smartphones. I do feel the difference.

Perhaps you want to give *Opera Mini* a try. It's "quickest" one I found.

For apps, there's an *unofficial*- one. Trang made it clear.

Hope I've helped :)
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16 days ago
Thanks for replying :)
You're right. Opera mini is so quick. However some interface may look different and the audio doesn't work there.
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16 days ago
Yes, that's a problem but I've got used to this. I mean, whenever I want to use the "basics" of Tatoeba, I use Opera Mini.

Firefox may works properly as well (! I haven't tested it that much yet). :)
15 days ago
My suggestion is report it on the bug tracker with a bit of details (i.e.: the os version, the browser version, what happens):

so devs can fix that issue sooner or later
16 days ago - 15 days ago
In late August, Trang announced that we had received a grant for a responsive UI project. As she explained:

"'Responsive UI' means that the content of the website will adapt to the size of the screen. The end goal is to make Tatoeba easier to use from a mobile device."

Here's the thread: