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11 days ago - 11 days ago
Hello folks,

is anybody who contributes audio recordings using a mobile device for recording (tablet or phone)?

If yes, could you please give me some links to your sentences and if possible add a little note whether the internal microphone of the device was used or an external accessory, like ANALOG for the headphone jack or DIGITAL with lightning or even USB...

And a little note about the location of recording would be helpful, too. Like indoors, outdoors, living room, toilet etc. - just to get an idea how much of the room acoustics got captured by the device.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Of course all other contributions regarding desktop/laptop setups, recording equipment and recording/editing software are welcome, too.
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10 days ago
I would also be interested to know if someone is recording from a mobile phone. Last I checked, the software suggested in the wiki worked only on computers. If you are using a phone, I would appreciate a quick guide on how to do it, in addition to what mramosch already asked. Thanks!
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7 days ago
I would also be interested to know :)

We could then update our wiki page to include instructions on how to record from phone or tablet.
6 days ago
Sadly we do not provide support for recording from mobile phones. But I agree that it would be a great addition.

I think it should be possible to re-implement the functionality of the Shtooka recorder in Javascript using the Web Audio API. That would allow recording from the web browser of a mobile phone (or a computer). I tried to hack a proof of concept today: This should allow you to record one sentence and download it as a WAV file. Please let me know if it works on your phone.