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What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly (+1 day) recap °6


※ The implementation of the new design continues, this time with the addition of the "Add to list" functionality. Thanks to TRANG for her work.

※ Improved the way to add languages on the profile page. The addition of a new language has been made more dynamic and it should now be easier to use and understand. Thanks to Ricardo14 for reporting the issue and gillux for the improvement.

※ The terms of use are now displayed in the selected interface language if their translation is available. This is part of a more global improvement on how we deal with Transifex. Thanks to gillux for his work.

※ Fixed an error occurring when checking "Owned by a self-identified native" for English sentences. Thanks to CK and others who reported the issue and gillux for fixing it.


※ CK gave some stats and links to search sentences

※ sharptoothed gave use his usual Stats & Graphs :)

※ Ricardo14 gave an updated feedback about the translations on Transifex, the tool we use to translate Tatoeba interface.


14 846 sentences added this week (from one export to another). You can check daily activity on this page


If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository:

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki

If you're especially happy with one of the updates, don't hesitate to personally thank our developers :) They're working in the shadow but they'll be glad to hear your feedback.


Fun fact: Rotokas, a language spoken in Papua New Guinea, has an alphabet consisting of only twelve letters, representing eleven phonemes, making it perhaps the smallest modern alphabet.

Last week recap:
See this recap on the blog:

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Aiji Aiji March 3, 2020 at 2:18 AM March 3, 2020 at 2:18 AM link permalink

Indeed. That's because I used the raw difference between the two files, which is not the same as the number of added sentences. Thank you for pointing it out. I will correct it for the future recap.