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** Tutorial Videos **

Here is an example of a "how to search for sentences on" tutorial video that I quickly made using This is just a rough draft.

Perhaps some of our long-term members could make short tutorial videos in various languages, each focusing on one thing people often ask about.

** Things You Can Do Without Registering
* search
* browse sentences
* download files

** Things You Can Do After Registering
* create lists
* leave comments on sentences
* rate sentences

** Things You Can Do After Becoming and "Advanced Contributor"
* add tags
* link sentences

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soliloquist soliloquist 20 days ago May 12, 2020 at 9:43 AM link Permalink

Thank you. It's been in my mind for a while, too. I wonder if it would be convenient to embed such short videos in the wiki, especially in the quick start guide.