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2010-03-21 06:11
Traditional and Simplified Chinese

I saw the comment about converting hanzi on-the-fly. Be very cautious about that, as there are many cases where it simply doesn't work. Proper Traditional<->Simplified conversion needs to work at the lexeme level and in some cases needs some context for disambiguation.

Jack Halpern wrote a very good paper about this about 10 years ago:

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2010-03-21 06:40
OK, I worked out how to do a follow-on. I'd clicked "reply" but it hadn't worked. Now it does.
2010-03-21 11:10
the traditional to simplified chinese is not made at "character by character" level, but try to decompose the sentence (you can see how the sentence has been segmented by looking to pinyin)
As I've said I'm in conctact with the guy who develop it, so don't hesitate to report any bad segmentations, I will report to him