{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.
{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.


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Tiu ĉi frazo estas originala, ne derivita de traduko.

Maria esti cu masã.

aldonita de aln, 2018-julio-18 11:10


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Maria easti cu masã.

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Frazo #7003339 — apartenas al aln
Maria easti cu masã.
volume_off Ne ekzistas sondosiero por tiu ĉi frazo. Alklaku por ekscii kiel kontribui. info
Maria është me mamanë.
volume_off Ne ekzistas sondosiero por tiu ĉi frazo. Alklaku por ekscii kiel kontribui. info


carlosalberto carlosalberto 2018-julio-18 14:56 2018-julio-18 14:56 link konstanta ligilo

Wrong flag.

aln aln 2018-julio-18 15:08 2018-julio-18 15:08 link konstanta ligilo

It's on the "other language" category, I have noticed it picks random flags. It's the system that is to be blamed, not me. :)

carlosalberto carlosalberto 2018-julio-18 15:33 2018-julio-18 15:33 link konstanta ligilo

Is it Romanian? You can click on the flag-icon and change it.

aln aln 2018-julio-18 15:38 2018-julio-18 15:38 link konstanta ligilo

It's aromanian. It's another language, closely related but still different. Unfortunately it's not yet in Tatoeba. Maybe making it private wont show the list around....

carlosalberto carlosalberto 2018-julio-18 15:52 2018-julio-18 15:52 link konstanta ligilo

I'm afraid that sentence will have to be deleted. [?]

aln aln 2018-julio-18 16:55 2018-julio-18 16:55 link konstanta ligilo

No. This is why the "other" category exists. It doesn't show it as an esperanto sentence. You can find it under the "other" category on the language list.

carlosalberto carlosalberto 2018-julio-18 17:11 2018-julio-18 17:11 link konstanta ligilo

If you can find it (I cannot), be my guest.

aln aln 2018-julio-18 17:30 2018-julio-18 17:30 link konstanta ligilo
I shall be your guest.:)

PaulP PaulP 2018-julio-19 06:28 2018-julio-19 06:28 link konstanta ligilo

Hello Aln, did you ask to add the Aromanian language to Tatoeba, like is stated here?

PaulP PaulP 2018-julio-19 06:44 2018-julio-19 06:44 link konstanta ligilo

Carlosalberto: I posted a comment on the wall. I don't know if the developers are aware of the bug.

PaulP PaulP 2018-julio-19 06:52 2018-julio-19 06:52 link konstanta ligilo

Oh, thanks for the trick, CK!

aln aln 2018-julio-19 13:04 2018-julio-19 13:04 link konstanta ligilo

PaulP, no not yet. I am not a native speaker and not sure if anyone else would contribute - however it would be awesome to have this endangered language here.