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Here I teach colloquial (natural spoken) Finnish with fun comics: You can find useful links and learning tips too.

Also here are some videos where I teach conversational Finnish:

****Some fun and interesting sentences****
I have collected some interesting sentences in my "favorite sentences" page. I'd be happy to see translations to them especially in languages that I'm studying. Here is a list of my favorite sentences.

English sentences with audio not translated into any language:

Hybrid has many interesting and funny sentences. Here you can find those that have audio:

Here is a list of "lonely" Finnish sentences that I have added to Tatoeba. Would be nice to get translations for them too.

****About the audio files I have recorded****
I have contributed Finnish audio files to the Tatoeba Project. You can see them here: For the recording, I used Samson Meteor Mic which is not terribly expensive.

I'm planning to record some more sentences in the near future but right now I don't have much free time for it.

My audio is licensed under the following license.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Attribution =

If you use my audio files, you must also attribute the Tatoeba Project since these are recordings of sentences from

The Tatoeba Project uses this license.

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 France License (CC BY 2.0 FR)

****How to contribute to Tatoeba?****
I think you should only translate to the language you speak as a mother tongue. Or in a language you know extremely well. It is very easy to make grammatically correct but unnatural sentences. This is not a place for testing out your foreign language. Many people use this site for learning a language that may be very important in their life, for their work for example. You can practice for free at or at a similar website.

One of the best ways to contribute to Tatoeba is to translate sentences that have audio, as these sentences are almost always reliable. In my opinion, they are part of the backbone of the project.

Other reliable sentences are the ones that are owned by native speakers, especially if they have the tag 'OK'.

You can search for sentences in a particular language (if that language has audio in Tatoeba) and you can filter so that it shows sentences that have not yet been translated into your mother tongue.

****About the Finnish language****
My mother tongue Finnish belongs to the Uralic language family, and it is therefore not related to most other European languages. So it is not related to the neighboring languages, Swedish nor Russian. Although, in addition to Uralic roots, Finnish has many layers of Indo-European borrowings, both old and newer ones.

Some of these borrowings have remained very similar for thousands of years, preserving the ancient pronounciation of, for example, Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Germanic words. That is why Finnish is sometimes called the refrigerator of languages.

In this map, you can see where the Uralic languages are spoken: However, it is partly outdated. Sadly, the majority, but not all, of Uralic languages are threatened and running out of young speakers, for various reasons.

Other Uralic languages in Tatoeba with contributions from native speakers are:
- Hungarian (212987 sentences, 2009 with audio, as of 18.5.2018)
- Meadow Mari (4266 sentences, as of 18.5.2018)
- Estonian (2958 sentences, as of 18.5.2018)

Other Uralic languages in Tatoeba are Southern Sami, Northern Sami, Udmurt, Hill Mari, Livonian (extinct or dormant), Karelian, Erzya, Võro, Veps, Ingrian and Moksha. If you happen to know someone who speaks any of those languages as a mother tongue or at a high level, or some other Uralic language, please try to ask them to contribute to Tatoeba.

I'm using Finnish versions of the default names. This makes it easier to create audio files for the Finnish sentences.
Mary = Mari
Tom = Tomi
John = Joni

Most of my sentences are in standard Finnish. But sometimes I also write sentences in spoken language. Especially if the sentences would be quite unnatural or complicated in Standard Finnish. I've lived most of my life Helsinki or very close to it, so my colloquial language reflects that.

Jos osaat englantia, niin voit kantaa korttasi kekoon mm. tämän linkin takaa.

Tossa listassa on sellaisia englanninkielisiä lauseita, joita ei kukaan ole vielä kääntänyt suoraan suomeen. Nuo ovat myös sellaisia lauseita, joissa on mukana äänitteet. Äänelliset lauseet ovat lähes aina luotettavia, joten mielestäni ne ovat osa sivuston selkärankaa.

Voit tehdä tietty samaa myös muiden kielten kanssa. Tatoebassa on runsaasti mm. espanjan-, portugalin-, saksan- ja ranskankielisiä lauseita, joissa on ääni mukana.

My old username is tadaa25.


Neniu lingvo aldonita.

RIM: Kuraĝigu tiun uzanton indiki la lingvojn, kiujn li scias.