{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.
{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.
2012-11-10 22:52
Some English Sentences Not Yet Translated

It's another way to find English sentences to translate into your own language.

Some members have found this method works well for them.
kaŝi la respondojn
2012-11-10 23:12
Is this list censored ?
2012-11-11 10:39
OK so that everybody be aware, I think it is important to tell people that CK constantly advertises his lists of sentences from Tatoeba, as if they were Tatoeba itself, but they're not : he filters Tatoeba's sentences with various filters including one which is a problem to me.
In effect, he filters sentences that HE deems inappropriate for children, according to what he believes is a universal standard, but is not, since it's just his standards, from his culture.
For instance, in his US culture, sex is inappropriate for children but weapons are not, although sex has never killed anybody and brings joy, happiness and bliss to people, when weapons bring just death and disabilities, to children as well as adults. But CK sees no problem with writing dozens of sentences that spread the culture of guns as if it was a normal thing. I strongly disagree.
I find this kind of hypocritical puritanism absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. It sends the wrong message to people and children : you may not swear and have sex but shooting at each other is fine. Great !
As for me, I'd rather have children who know swear words and have sex than children who kill their classmates with sub machine guns. Moral standards are not universal, please keep yours to yourself and stop trying to subrepticely impose yours. Tatoeba doesn't need anybody to advertise their lists filtered along their standards. Everybody can filter the corpus according to their own standards alright, without your "assistance".

CK created a public list to filter what he defines as "swear words, vulgar, and inappropriate for children" according to his cultural and personal standards. He manages this list, although he made it look like it's something universal and even prefixed its name with #1 so that list would appear as the first list of all. Because I'm strongly opposed to this way of doing and to the idea of universal moral standards imposed by pro-guns puritans, I copied his list name and prefixed it with 0. I wish I wouldn't have to do that but I couldn't find any other way to stop him imposing his views on the community as a whole. Trying to define universal moral standards is wrong and I will do everything in my power to struggle against this curse.
2012-11-11 16:33
Thanks a lot, that's another good way to do mass translations!
2012-11-12 17:30
The ones you sent me before were better than these ones and still my sentences are easier to find. Don't touch my sentences, please:)