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{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.
jegaevi jegaevi 2019-aŭgusto-12 07:18 2019-aŭgusto-12 07:18 link Konstanta ligilo

When I go to 'sentences wanted' and choose Hungarian only 2 words come up. job and üdvözlet. Why is that? I remember that there were several words before. I had the same issue a few months ago but I thought that there wasn't any words added yet and that's why only these to words were displayed. I don't think that someone wrote 10 sentences for all the words except these to, so either I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug.

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Thanuir Thanuir 2019-aŭgusto-12 12:46, modifita 2019-aŭgusto-12 13:38 2019-aŭgusto-12 12:46, modifita 2019-aŭgusto-12 13:38 link Konstanta ligilo

Lisäsin juuri sanan "differenciálegyenletek" sanastooni ja se näkyy myös toivotuissa sanoissa. Ehkäpä joku kirjoitti lauseita tai tyhjensi sanastoaan. En tiedä miten käyttäjien jäädyttäminen vaikuttaa sanastoon, jos mitenkään.

I just added "differenciálegyenletek" to my vocabulary and I see it as something that needs sentences. Maybe someone wrote sentences or cleaned up their vocabulary. I do not know how freezing users affects the vocabulary, if it does.

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jegaevi jegaevi 2019-aŭgusto-12 13:18 2019-aŭgusto-12 13:18 link Konstanta ligilo

I see the word that you wrote. I still think it's weird that only these two words remained. Maybe someone did write sentences for all the vocab items.
Thank you for checking and replying. :)