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{{}} Neniu lingvo trovita.
MisterTrouser MisterTrouser 2019-septembro-10 11:43 2019-septembro-10 11:43 link Konstanta ligilo

Suggestion for a new filter: Word count.

Current situation:
It's possible to sort by "fewest word count". However, that might give you the first 30 pages with sentences like "really?", "hurry!" or "silence!".

Add a new filter, where the word count can be set.

Reason / Good points:
- Beginners could search short to mid-long sentences specifically through word count.


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CK CK 2019-septembro-11 00:35 2019-septembro-11 00:35 link Konstanta ligilo

This doesn't solve that problem, but a while ago someone else suggested being able to search for moderately-long sentences, so I created this list of almost 50,000 sentences.
9-10-11-12-13-word English Sentences with Audio

It can be browsed, or used for limiting searches.

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MisterTrouser MisterTrouser 2019-septembro-11 01:26 2019-septembro-11 01:26 link Konstanta ligilo

You do a lot of list assembling! Awesome work!

I will see, what I can take out of this answer. Thank you.