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*User Interface (UI) Translation: A "thank you", updates and invitation*

Hi there, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you're doing? Hope you're doing great.
It rained a lot here in Rio (too much, actually. Many streets got flooded, many people had to wait like 10 hours to be able to come back home, etc. Sorry for my delay)


Some new languages has been added to Transifex (the platform we use to translate the UI from English into another languages):

= Luxembourgish -

= Central Dusun (Kadazandusun) -

= Kirundi -

= Gronings -

= Klingon -

= Berber -

= Chinese (Hakka) -

= Interlingue -

= Norwegian Bokmål -


= Persian =

For now, most of them won't be at the drop-down menu (available to be used) until it gets about 70% translated. You can get all status here -

► Thank you!

Thanks for everyone who already joint the project and help us A LOT by translating and proofreading. It means a lot.

New members who have joined us last days

fathe - Romanian
Dusun_Les - Dusun, Malay, Hakka Chinese
MarijnKp = Dutch, Gronings, Icelandic, Norwegian
Jepang = Indonesian
Eunhee = Korean
Amastan = Berber, French and Arabic
small_snow = Japanese

► Invitation

Everyone is welcome to join us. Everyone.
We're able to use Tatoeba in multiple languages because people (us) made it possible.

You should create an account on Transifex - and PM me - Also, visit the Tatoeba Project on Transifex - and choose the team(s) you'd like to join once you have set up your account.

You have to keep in mind that you should do that in your free time and feel like doing so. It's a way to promote your language, to improve your skills but please, never feel pressured to do so. We need more languages here, we need more languages but "no stress" ;)

» What if my language is not supported? It's not listed on ? Am I forbidden to contribute?

You can contribute! We just need to add the language you want to contribute in the platform or even request it to Transifex as we did for Gronings, for example.
In this case

1 - PM me - . Tell me the language(s) you want to help us to translate into
2 - Create an account on Transifex -
3 - Just wait for updates. I'll let you know once it's available and so, you can start contributing.

That's it. Sorry for the long post. Please, do not hesitate to ask me anything. :)

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MarijnKp MarijnKp 2 mars 2020 à 21:20 2 mars 2020 à 21:20 link permalink

I already noticed that I somehow joined the Norwegian team. However, I don't speak Norwegian.

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 3 mars 2020 à 02:00 3 mars 2020 à 02:00 link permalink

No worries :) I'll fix this right way.