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なお、Tatoebaは文明的な討論を行うために健全な雰囲気を維持することを目指しています。以下の悪質な行為に対するルールも併せてお読みください。 rules against bad behavior.

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gillux gillux 10日前 2020年2月11日 10:03 link permalink

*** 日本語例文の振り仮名を改善 ***


*** Better furigana on Japanese sentences ***

I have been working to improve the autogeneration of furigana on Japanese sentences. This is something I actually already did four years ago (time flies...) [1] with the help of tommy_san. But the improvements I mentioned in that post were reverted in September 2017 (when the server crashed I think). In particular, sentences contributed after this date didn’t have furigana properly aligned. Today I restored the furigana of these sentences and updated the furigana autogeneration for future Japanese sentences.


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fjay69 fjay69 10日前 2020年2月11日 12:36 link permalink


Aiji Aiji 9日前 2020年2月12日 1:39 link permalink

A nice little thing, good to hear! I wonder if I should go around and confirm furigana on a batch of sentences...

small_snow small_snow 9日前 2020年2月12日 15:05 link permalink


CK CK 11日前 2020年2月10日 5:52 link permalink

** English Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

Find sentences that share the first three words.

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CK CK 9日前 2020年2月12日 3:06 link permalink

Here are some others.

** Japanese Searches: 8-character Sentence Endings **

** Spanish Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

** Esperanto Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

** Portuguese Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

** Hungarian Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

** German Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

** French Searches: 3-word Sentence Beginnings **

LanguageExpert LanguageExpert 10日前, edited 10日前 2020年2月11日 4:45, edited 2020年2月11日 5:12 link permalink

Tatoeba's having an unfortunate problem. Tatoeba won't let me copy and paste any sentences on the website.

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CK CK 10日前 2020年2月11日 5:31 link permalink

Can you give an example URL where this happens?

I tried this, and I can copy and paste sentences.

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LanguageExpert LanguageExpert 10日前 2020年2月11日 5:45 link permalink

I just discovered that this problem is only occurring on Internet Explorer. Copying and pasting works fine on Chrome. Another problem has occurred too. I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but Tatoeba's taking forever to load. This problem's also occurring on Internet Explorer, but it's loading faster on Chrome.

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gillux gillux 10日前 2020年2月11日 9:24 link permalink

Thanks for reporting the problem. Can you try copy and pasting sentences on now and tell me if it works with Internet Explorer?

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LanguageExpert LanguageExpert 10日前 2020年2月11日 19:18 link permalink

Yes, on the devtatoeba site, copying and pasting works fine on Internet Explorer.

maaster maaster 11日前 2020年2月10日 14:19 link permalink

Kann jemand den Satz #4070991 in Kontext bringen?
Danke im Voraus!

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danepo danepo 11日前 2020年2月10日 15:57 link permalink

It's more or less the same as English: Touchéé.

Here's an example in Danish:

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maaster maaster 11日前 2020年2月10日 16:14 link permalink

However, I'd find it useful for learners if they got a context when to use it.

Thanuir Thanuir 11日前 2020年2月10日 19:55 link permalink

Voit toki lisätä saksan sanastoosi "sanan": das hat gesessen

Ehkäpä joku intoutuu lisäämään lauseita, joissa se esiintyy.

Aiji Aiji 11日前, edited 11日前 2020年2月10日 3:53, edited 2020年2月10日 4:00 link permalink

What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap °3

※ Renamed the "Collection" feature to "Review". The feature doesn't change, but as discussed on this Wall, that name should give a better feeling of what the feature is really about. Thanks to everybody who participated in the discussion and Aiji for the modifications.

※ Following the return of the "native" indicator last week, the page for orphan sentences became inaccessible. Thanks to Guybrush88 for reporting and AndiPersti (on GitHub) for fixing the issue.

※ Corrected the fact that some strings reserved to the admin were not translatable. Thanks to Guybrush88 for reporting and Aiji for adding them.

※ Yorwba implemented a solution to stop furigana from interfering with copying (Japanese sentences). Thanks to him for the work.

※ Set the number of sentences displayed on the user's sentences page to the number decided in your settings. 100 sentences used to be displayed, ignoring the "Number of sentences per page" setting. Thanks to AlanF_US for reporting and Aiji for correcting the problem.

※ Modified "Hide random sentence on the homepage" setting to "Show random sentence on the homepage". This is part of changes to increase consistency on the website. Expect some more changes of the sort in the following updates. Thanks to declanmalone (on GitHub), TRANG, and CK for discussing the issue and Aiji for implementing the modification. 

※ AndiPersti did some cleaning in the code, preventing future possible errors. He also worked on improving the way Google returns localized versions of the site, making it so that English versions are not always returned first. Thanks to him for the work.

※ sharptoothed gave us a list of the 250 most translated sentences, as well as the list of the most translated sentence per language.

※ DostKaplan opened a discussion about the search syntax.

※ CK wrote a page providing 10 English words per day.

※ Ricardo talked about translating Tatoeba to different languages, and asked for your help. Please have a look at his message, or at the links at the bottom of this recap :)

29 178 sentences added this week (from one export to another). You can check daily activity on this page

Gillux performed another UX test. You can have a look and give us your opinion :) Also, don't hesitate to perform similar experiment on your friends or other persons you know!


If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository:

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki


Fun fact: In Papua New Guinea, there are 851 known languages, of which 11 now have no speakers. That's still 840 languages, and that's more than 10% of the languages spoken in the world.

Last week recap:
See this recap on the blog:

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 11日前 2020年2月10日 9:42 link permalink

Thanks a lot, Aiji! :D A busy week as usual :)

Rockaround Rockaround 11日前 2020年2月10日 10:33 link permalink

Merci beaucoup ! C'est engageant d'avoir les nouvelles résumées de cette manière.

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 13日前, edited 12日前 2020年2月8日 17:13, edited 2020年2月9日 17:05 link permalink

**Translating the Tatoeba UI**

Hi there, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you're doing great. Valentine's day is coming up... Can you fell the sweetness? :D

Today I'd like to talk about a very import thing that, let's say, has been forgotten? / is unknown for many users? : Tatoeba's UI (User interface) can be translated into your native language! :D

Some stats: (edited)

According to, only three languages are "ready to use" (it means, all the strings have been translated): English (the source) and Italian. → (February 8th, 2020 7h17 pm BRT (GMT -3))

Some languages which sentences have been posted recently and their status on Transifex (the platform we use to translate the UI)

strings that haven't been translated (missing translation)

Czech ► 507
Polish ► 543
Lithuanian ► 1,279
Russian ► 16
Spanish ► 58
Ido ►1,344
Berber ►
Korean ► 577
Japanese ► 444
Hungarian ► 902
Dutch ► 146
Toki Pona ► hasn't been requested on Transifex
Danish ► 1,320
Hebrew ► 1,577
Yiddish ► hasn't been requested on Transifex
Mandarin Chinese ► 747
Kabyle ► 30

There are other languages I haven't mentioned here. Some others haven't been requested on Transifex. (

In case you're interested in helping us, please contact me and I'll gladly help you. In case your language isn't in there, no problem: We can add it :)


Thank you! / Danke! / Grazie! / ¡Gracias!/ Obrigado!

PS.: (Thanks, Aiji) As far Tatoeba gets updated, new strings need to be translated. It's good to check Transifex weekly ;)

PPS: There are some translators for some of these languages (I promise I'll bring these stats). However, all of us need time for ourselves and some people just left the project or just had another issues. So more people join, more the UI gets translated ;)

PPPS: Thanks everyone who has joined yesterday (Feb 8, 2020), today (Feb 9, 2020) who joined the project months, years ago and will join it :)

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Selyan Selyan 12日前 2020年2月9日 11:38 link permalink

Thank you,
I'll go right now and continue translating the remaining 30 entries into Kabyle.

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 12日前 2020年2月9日 16:59 link permalink

Awesome!! :D

Aiji Aiji 12日前 2020年2月9日 12:12 link permalink

Note that every time a string is modified, when we update the website's interface, it will need to be (re)translated on Transifex. Therefore, if somebody wants to keep some interface up-to-date, they have to go check on Transifex once in a while.

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 12日前 2020年2月9日 16:59 link permalink

Thanks for this reminder, Aiji! I'm going to update my post :)

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 12日前, edited 12日前 2020年2月9日 17:13, edited 2020年2月9日 17:14 link permalink

More languages got the "ready to use" status (all the strings have been translated)

» German
» Russian
» Turkish
» Portuguese

You can check the status here -

A reminder: You ought need to log in on Transifex once a week since Tatoeba gets updated and more strings are added ;)

Aiji Aiji 14日前 2020年2月7日 4:00 link permalink

Les furigana sont désactivés sur le dev site? Même en activant l'option, ils ne sont pas proposés. Je voudrais juste tester quelque chose sans polluer le vrai site.

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TRANG TRANG 13日前 2020年2月7日 22:11 link permalink

C'est activé maintenant.

Aiji Aiji 18日前, edited 18日前 2020年2月3日 1:53, edited 2020年2月3日 2:09 link permalink

What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap

※ The "native" information is back! Sentences owned by users with a native-like level are once again identifiable. In the old design "(native)" is displayed next to the username. In the new design a star is displayed next to the sentence. You can activate the option from your Settings page. Thanks to Guybrush88 for the original report and to AndiPersti (on GitHub) for fixing the issue and adding the functionality to the new design.

※ Corrected a problem when "An internal error has occurred" was thrown on pages listing sentences in Kirundi, Yiddish, Luxembourgish, and maybe other languages. Thanks to drinii and Luiaard for reporting the issue, and AndiPersti for fixing it.

※ TRANG did some tuning inside the code. We won't see a difference in our experience this time, but anyway, thanks to her for the work.

※ AndiPersti provided some optimization to the code, reducing the number of queries needed for some database access as well as their complexity. Thanks to him for the work.

※ Added a check to prevent errors in the "Latest contributions" page in a fresh developer environment. Thanks to AlanF_US for reporting and danail-georgiev (on GitHub) for the implementation.

※ sharptoothed provided his usual Stats & Graphs. Have a look!

※ sharptoothed also provided a new visualization of Tatoeba as graphs. That's quite something!

※ TRANG opened a discussion about renaming the "collection" feature and what would be a good name. If you haven't yet, give your opinion :)

※ CK provided a page to select sentences using English verbs.

※ Pandaa started a thread concerning new users. How to welcome them and help them contributing, among other things.

※ gillux performed a new UX test and gave his feedback. If you feel like performing your own on some new users, don't hesitate :)

※ TRANG announced that gillux will work once again as official staff of Tatoeba for the next two months and later again this year. Let's hope for some good features and code improvement :)

※ bandeirante asked what people think about sentences that are said to be impossible to translate.

※ Requested by shekitten, Old Spanish was added to Tatoeba. You can check some information about Old Spanish language on this wikipedia page

※ Requested by lovermann, Mingrelian was added to Tatoeba. You can check some information about Mingrelian language on this wikipedia page

※ Requested by soliloquist, Chagatai was added to Tatoeba. You can check some information about Chagatai language on this wikipegia page

Thanks to sabretou, soliloquist, and Ricardo14 for taking care of these requests.

15 667 sentences added this week (from one export to another). You can check daily activity on this page


If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository:

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki


Fun fact: Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland?

Last week recap:
See this recap on the blog:

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Rockaround Rockaround 18日前 2020年2月3日 10:41 link permalink

Merci pour ce récap' !

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deniko deniko 18日前 2020年2月3日 12:38 link permalink

Adding a fun fact to your recap is a nice touch :)

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 15日前 2020年2月6日 9:12 link permalink

Thanks a lot, Aiji!!!

DostKaplan DostKaplan 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月4日 17:03, edited 2020年2月4日 17:04 link permalink

Search string: "saw him run" (including the quotation marks)

3 results:

I saw him running.
I saw him run away.
I saw him running away.

I then changed the search string to: "saw him *ing"

The results did NOT include the two sentences containing "running" above. Instead the results had sentences like "I saw him ... morning".


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Pandaa Pandaa 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月4日 17:31, edited 2020年2月4日 18:00 link permalink

Use this:

This example finds English sentences that have "Tom", then two words, then "Mary", then one word, and then "John."

"Tom * * Mary * John"

This example finds English sentences that have words beginning with "red", including the word "red".


This example finds English sentences that have words ending with "red", including the word "red".


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DostKaplan DostKaplan 17日前 2020年2月4日 19:25 link permalink

There shouldn't be anything wrong with my search string: "saw him *ing" including the quotation marks. There's clearly a bug.

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Pandaa Pandaa 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月4日 20:56, edited 2020年2月4日 21:07 link permalink

There's no bug. "wildcards are treated differently within quotes"

Try this: saw NEAR/1 him NEAR/1 *ing

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DostKaplan DostKaplan 17日前 2020年2月4日 21:28 link permalink

This NEAR/1 shit is laughable. Who searches like this? This is so f'd up. Can't we just revert to the old (4 years ago??) search function which is more intuitive?

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gillux gillux 15日前 2020年2月6日 8:37 link permalink

Since we use Manticore as a search engine, the search syntax is defined by them. Among intuitive features like the wildcard, Manticore includes less intuitive things like the NEAR operator.

We have been using Manticore (or Sphinx, as it was named before) for many years. We didn’t change anything in the way the search behave. Can you confirm that 4 years ago, searching for "saw him *ing" behave differently? Maybe something changed in newer versions of Manticore.

brauchinet brauchinet 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月4日 17:39, edited 2020年2月4日 17:41 link permalink

It's still the same bug you reported some time ago:

samir_t samir_t 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月3日 23:06, edited 2020年2月3日 23:07 link permalink

I noticed that every midnight, the sentences do not pass on Tatoeba for at least a few minutes, I do not know if the administrators and users are aware of this, and what is the reason.

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Thanuir Thanuir 17日前 2020年2月4日 5:36 link permalink

Keskiyö minkä aikavyöhykkeen mukaan? GMT+0 ?

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samir_t samir_t 17日前 2020年2月4日 12:22 link permalink

@ Thanuir
GMT + 1

sabretou sabretou 17日前 2020年2月4日 9:49 link permalink

Could it be that your internet connection drops temporarily at midnight before reconnecting? This happens to me at my midnight (UTC +5:30).

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samir_t samir_t 17日前, edited 17日前 2020年2月4日 12:25, edited 2020年2月4日 12:26 link permalink

I haven't noticed it at this time with other sites, but that's what I will check.

gillux gillux 17日前 2020年2月4日 17:48 link permalink

Yes, we perform a daily backup of the database precisely at this time. It looks like the backup is indeed taking a few minutes to complete, and it may be blocking the website. When you say "do not pass", do you mean you are unable to add new sentences, while still able to browse the website?

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Guybrush88 Guybrush88 17日前 2020年2月4日 18:02 link permalink

@gillux, sometimes I experienced the same issue, and I wasn't able to add any sentence

samir_t samir_t 17日前 2020年2月4日 18:48 link permalink

In fact, I browse the website, but when I translate a sentence it takes time to appear in the list of sentences, sometimes it does not appear, so I have to update..

CK CK 16日前, edited 16日前 2020年2月4日 23:10, edited 2020年2月4日 23:14 link permalink

This happened today for about 7 minutes between these 2 sentences.

[#8513343] Yenna-d Tom nekk sqelliqeɣ. (nabil509)

[#8513344] This isn't new anymore. (CK)

Even though we couldn't write to the website at the time, the pages could be loaded to read them.

The time of this comment was about ...

11:10 PM
Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

gillux gillux 16日前 2020年2月5日 3:17 link permalink

Thanks, I took note of the this on our issue tracker: