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Pandaa Pandaa 2020年3月1日 11:16 2020年3月1日 11:16 link permalink

Search error occured when I filled out the 'Owned by a self-identified native' checkbox.

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TRANG TRANG 2020年3月1日 14:35 2020年3月1日 14:35 link permalink

We (should) have this error for English only. The bug was reported 5 days ago:

We're working on a fix.

gillux gillux 2020年3月2日 12:36 2020年3月2日 12:36 link permalink

The problem should be solved now. Thanks for reporting it to us!

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月29日 8:14 2020年2月29日 8:14 link permalink

*User Script Requests*

I was browsing the Tatoeba Wiki and I found this page - .

I'd like to know how can any of us ask a script. Thank you!

CK CK 2020年2月26日 3:14, 編集 2020年2月26日 4:00 2020年2月26日 3:14, 編集 2020年2月26日 4:00 link permalink

** Searching for Sentences Including Beverages (Drinks) **

I noticed that someone was tagging sentences with the word "beverage."

Note that it's fairly easy to find such sentences using the advanced search with the "or" operator and a list of drink names. Drink names with spaces need to be quoted. I also did not include the single word "water" since this would get too many results unrelated to beverages.

►► Here is an advanced search that will give you many English sentences with beverages.

► Query:
liquor|brandy|ale|absinthe|daiquiri|margarita|sangria|wine|tea|soda|smoothie|milkshake|milk|lemonade|juice|coffee|espresso|cappuccino|cocoa|grog|cola|beer|whiskey|bourbon|tequila|rum|cocktail|cider|martini|vodka|gin|"white russian"|"bloody mary"|"tom collins"|"hot chocolate"|"piña colada"|"soft drink"|"soda water"|"black cow"|"mint julep"|"egg nog"|"tonic water"|"mineral water"

►► All these searches will produce results limited to the 4,000+ sentences on my List 907.

► Random order:

► Shortest first:

► Longest first:

►► Or, further limit to just the little over 3,000 sentences with audio

► Newest first:

► Random order:

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Thanuir Thanuir 2020年2月26日 7:07 2020年2月26日 7:07 link permalink

Tämä taitaa toimia lähinnä englanninkielisiin lauseisiin. Tunnistetta voi soveltaa muihinkin kieliin.

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月22日 9:44 2020年2月22日 9:44 link permalink

**Five new projects (languages) which have no translations**

I've asked Trang to add some specific languages to Tatoeba UI. That said, they have no translations (yet) [[February 22nd, 2020 6:40 a.m. BRT (GMT-3)]}

- Interlingue
- Klingon
- Lithuanian (Lithuania) (lt_LT)
- Norwegian Bokmål
- Persian

If you speak any of these languages and you feel like translating strings from English in any of these languages, please let me know!


You'll have to create an account on Transifex and ask to join the respective "team" (teams)

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Aiji Aiji 2020年2月24日 2:13 2020年2月24日 2:13 link permalink

Some people asked for a Klingon U.I. ?! That's awesome xD

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月25日 1:28 2020年2月25日 1:28 link permalink

Yes :D

Aiji Aiji 2020年2月24日 3:03, 編集 2020年2月24日 3:12 2020年2月24日 3:03, 編集 2020年2月24日 3:12 link permalink

What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap °5


※ Correct red warning icon position so it doesn't overlap with the copy icon. Thanks to gillux for reporting and Aiji for the correction.

※ Added an arrow on the side of sort criteria to indicate in what order sentences are displayed. This is the first step to a bigger redesign of the sort criteria. Expect more in the future :) Thanks to AlanF_US for reporting and AndiPersti for the implementation.

※ Following last week update about cleaning Unicode characters, sentences are now normalized in a better way. Sentences already in the corpus were also normalized. Thanks to CK and TRANG for noticing the problem and AndiPersti (on GitHub) for the fix.

※ Improved Pinyin transcriptions. Thanks to Yorwba for his work.

※ Improved the flow between Transifex and the dev website. Following the huge contributions in translating the U.I. the last few weeks, thank you all for that, some problems have been taken care of. Thanks to small_snow, Aiji, TRANG, AndiPersti, and gillux for their contribution at some point (if I forgot someone, my apologies!)


※ gillux asked a question about Mandarin Chinese and its automatic conversion.

※ sharptoothed gave use his usual Stats & Graphs :)

※ TRANG asked for help to test the new "Add to list" button functionality. A good step forward :)

※ Ricardo mentioned that our Transifex project now has five more languages: Interlingue, Klingon, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Persian. That's awesome!

※ Ricardo also wrote a thank you post to all the people who helped us translate Tatoeba in so many languages :)

※ maaster was wondering about the new design of the user page.

※ Raizin asked how he could change the license of original sentences.


16 203 sentences added this week (from one export to another). You can check daily activity on this page


If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository:

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki

If you're especially happy with one of the updates, don't hesitate to personally thank our developers :) They're working in the shadow but they'll be glad to hear your feedback.


Fun fact: Some languages have more than three genders. Masculine, feminine, neuter, animate, inanimate, etc. According to Wikipedia, Tuyuca, a language spoken by an ethnic group in South America, counts between 50 and 140 noun classes.

Last week recap:
See this recap on the blog:

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月25日 1:28 2020年2月25日 1:28 link permalink

Thanks for this wonderful recap, Aiji!

Raizin Raizin 2020年2月22日 20:00 2020年2月22日 20:00 link permalink

How can I change the license of my original (non-translated) sentences? I would like to set them to CC0 if possible.

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Aiji Aiji 2020年2月23日 2:40 2020年2月23日 2:40 link permalink

Have a look at this article on the wiki

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Raizin Raizin 2020年2月24日 0:37 2020年2月24日 0:37 link permalink


Amastan Amastan 2020年2月23日 10:11 2020年2月23日 10:11 link permalink

Dear Tatoeba, I'm happy to announce the birth of Algeria's first daily newspaper entirely published in Tamazight (Berber):

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TheBahi TheBahi 2020年2月23日 10:58 2020年2月23日 10:58 link permalink

Great news.. It was high time
I am glad, especially because it's in Tamazight not just in Kabyle
I hope it adopts a straight editorial policy

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月23日 14:57 2020年2月23日 14:57 link permalink

That's really awesome!!!

maaster maaster 2020年2月22日 9:44 2020年2月22日 9:44 link permalink

Why can't I look the collectiion of sentences and comments of other ones (by their profile) for a while?
I used to watch them.

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CK CK 2020年2月22日 9:53, 編集 2020年2月29日 5:55 2020年2月22日 9:53, 編集 2020年2月29日 5:55 link permalink

[not needed anymore - removed by CK]

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maaster maaster 2020年2月22日 15:50 2020年2月22日 15:50 link permalink

Boah! How couldn't I perceive that?
Thanks for drawing my attention.

brauchinet brauchinet 2020年2月22日 13:41 2020年2月22日 13:41 link permalink

Now there is an option "only show original sentences" on the user's sentence page. That's great!

Wouldn't it be nice if this option were also available in the advanced search? So one could filter out orginal sentences in a specific language.

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 2020年2月22日 14:24 2020年2月22日 14:24 link permalink

I've opened a ticket on GitHub -

salihagenter salihagenter 2020年2月22日 7:49, 編集 2020年2月22日 7:50 2020年2月22日 7:49, 編集 2020年2月22日 7:50 link permalink

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