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6 hours ago
sous quelles licences sont acceptés les fichiers audios ? Pouvez(vous attribuer des licences à des phrases ?
Pour quels projetsinterne à Tatoeba, hormis le projet shtooka ?
7 hours ago
Pour accompagner des activités avec des locuteurs de plusieurs langueset nationalités, et contribuer au site, j'aurais besoin d'être contributeur avancé. Comment faire ? Merci.
7 hours ago
peut-on et comment écrire une phrase dans une même langue mais avec 2 alphabetsdifférents (exemple pour le pachto: alphabets latins et arabe modifié).
I want to learn English fluently.
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13 hours ago
Dear Zila,

As CK posted a few days ago,

The best way to help us is to translate from languages you know into your own native language.

[#3946394] We recommend adding sentences and translations in your strongest language. If you are interested primarily in having your sentences corrected, you should try a site like Lang-8.com, where that's the focus.

So if you find simple English sentences at Tatoeba that you can easily understand, it will help the Tatoeba project if you can translate them into Persian. You can also contribute good sentences in your native Persian, and perhaps some native speaker of English who has learned Persian as a second language will later translate your Persian sentences into good English.

Tatoeba currently has 15,487 sentences in Persian, occupying 773 pages of results. If you look at this list below, you will see that the vast majority of those sentences have already been translated into English. So studying and practicing these might be an aid to improving your fluency.


Another thing that might help you in learning English is to develop an appreciation for the sounds of the language. Many of the English sentences on Tatoeba are accompanied by audio files, which you can hear simply by clicking on the black "speaker" icon to the right of any English sentence that has this. If the English sentence does not yet have recorded accompanying audio, that icon will be greyed out with a small X beside it instead.

Good luck, and have fun with Tatoeba. We look forward to your contributions.
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10 hours ago
Good advice.

BTW Why are you not an advanced contributor (at least), Erik? Too much else to do?
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9 hours ago
Perhaps he doesn't feel the need to link sentences or tag them.

Remember that becoming an "advanced contributor" is not a "promotion" in recognition for service, it's a set of permissions allowing tagging, linking and unlinking.
I think it would be good if we could vote for sentences (when there are many sentences in the same language)? So it would be easy to choose between many translations.
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10 hours ago - edited 10 hours ago
Do you mean something like voting for which Italian translations best match the following English sentences?

[#3178325] You need to stay awake. (CK) *audio*
[#2046775] I'm sure you're very busy. (CK) *audio*
[#269206] What do you think of the new teacher? (Nero) *audio*
[#3182090] Tom is busy now, so he can't talk with you. (CK) *audio*
[#4209568] I'm sure I've seen that guy somewhere before. (CK) *audio*

Or, which French translations best match the following English sentences?

[#2218431] You're the oldest. (CK) *audio*
[#2218439] You're the teacher. (CK) *audio*
[#2218500] You're very sophisticated. (CK) *audio*
[#2283649] You don't have to apologize. (CK) *audio*
[#2402273] You're the one who trained me. (CK) *audio*

I suspect that this is something that can't easily be set up, and perhaps may not even be desirable. I don't know either Italian or French, but I suspect that many, if not all, of the translations would match, at least in some situations.

I do understand the desire for wanting to know which of many sentence would be the best to focus on when learning a language, so perhaps some system needs to be created to help students.
Welcome to the project.
Life is beautiful.
زندگی زیباست.
** Sentences & Translations Stats **

These stats have been updated:


Graphs have been updated, too.

2 days ago - edited yesterday
** Languages on Tatoeba.org & Useful Links **


This is an experimental idea based on /stats/sentences_by_language page.

These are some of the features.
* Languages with native speaker contributors are identified.
* Dead and constructed languages are identified.
* Useful links for each language are included.
* You can easily see which languages have audio and word requests.
* You can see how many sentences are owned by native speakers of each language. *added July 26th
* You can sort by rank, language, code or number of native speaker sentences.
2 days ago
** Stats **

Members with Sentences in Their Native Languages Linked to Proofread English

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