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2013-05-08 04:44
What's the best way to go about building an alternative interface for Tatoeba? Is there an API or something I can access?
2012-11-30 22:43
Click on the Greasemonkey icon and uncheck "Enabled"?

Sorry to cause so much trouble :(
2012-11-30 20:56
Have you tried temporarily disabling Greasemonkey?

Also try running a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5).
2012-11-28 19:40
I got it working in Firefox with the following steps:

1. Install Greasemonkey.
2. Click on the Greasemonkey icon to enable it.
3. Click "install" on the userscript page.
4. Greasemonkey will produce a dialog asking you to confirm the installation. Click Install on this dialog.
(If Greasemonkey does not produce a dialog, click on the Greasemonkey icon again.)
2012-11-28 08:33
Welcome, folks21! :)

Tatoeba is a database of sentences in different languages; it's not a site for language learning in the usual sense. However, it's very good as a companion to another course to help build on your current knowledge. I hope you'll find Tatoeba useful!
2012-11-28 08:29
Thank you!

There a few problems with it (e.g. sentences in lists). I'll release a new version when I find some time to work on it.
2012-11-28 04:41
I made a userscript to fix this:

To follow links as usual, use the green or gray arrows to the left of the sentence.

Tested in Chrome. I don't know about other browsers.
2012-11-15 18:33
Received the exact same message here. Tatoeba needs to be a bit more spam-proof.
2012-11-12 21:04
Hmmm. There appears to be a bug in Blank Canvas; it's very picky about the UserScript headers :/

I've fixed the script to work around it.
2012-11-12 19:13
I used a userscripts extension called Tampermonkey:

After installing, open up Tampermonkey -> Options and press New Userscript (a tab on the far right). Paste the code there, edit the language list, and press Save.
2012-11-10 22:00
I wrote a simple user script to add default languages at the top of language dropdowns for easy access.

Change the marked line to configure which languages to show.

I've only tested this script in Chrome; I don't know how well it will work in other browsers.
2012-11-07 20:17
I don't understand. Tatoeba is an online database of sentences in many different languages; we don't memorize. Do you want us to make sentences using these words?

If you want to memorize things, I recommend
2012-11-03 20:31
I was just thinking about this earlier. It would be nice to have languages that I've already used moved to the top of the list so I don't have to fish through it. Auto detect helps a lot, but it's not 100% reliable for languages with only a few sentences.
2012-11-02 04:43
Essentially, yes. Just be sure to use complete and grammatically correct sentences.

To start adding sentences for translation, go to Contribute -> Add Sentences on the top bar.