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Need more help?

You can check out the FAQ.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Adding new sentences

There are two ways to add new sentences.

  • Choose Add sentences from the Contribute menu at the top of each page.
  • By creating a new list, and going to the edit page for that list.

Even though there are many sentences in Tatoeba, there is still a lot of vocabulary that is not covered. This is why we encourage you to add new sentences with new vocabulary, even if you do not know how to translate it into any language.

Translating sentences

Translating is one of the most important tasks in Tatoeba, since the main goal of the project is to gather sentences translated into many languages.

You can translate a sentence from pretty much everywhere. Just click on this icon whenever you see it.

Correcting mistakes

You can only correct mistakes in sentences that belong to you. If you see a mistake in someone else's sentence, you can post a comment to notify him or her of the mistake.

In certain cases, the sentence does not have an owner. Read the paragraph below (on adopting sentences) to learn more.

Adopting sentences

When you add a sentence, this sentence "belongs" to you - only you can edit it. However, many of the sentences in Tatoeba come from a Japanese-English corpus called the Tanaka Corpus. These sentences do not have any owner because they have been collected outside of Tatoeba.

If you see a mistake in an "orphan" sentence, you will not be able to correct it because you are not the owner. This is why there is an "adopt" option (). Once you adopt a sentence, you become its owner and therefore can edit it.

Adopting a sentence is also part of the "quality process". You can find more information about it here:

Sentence lists

You can create lists of sentences in Tatoeba. By default the list is personal, which means it can only be edited by the person who created it (but it is still visible to everyone).

However it is also possible to let any member in Tatoeba add and remove sentences by setting a list as collaborative.