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3 days ago - 3 days ago
We now have over 550,000 sentences with audio files.

Here are some comparisons with the top four languages with audio.

397,583 English
= more than the number of French sentences (7th ranked language)

64,456 Spanish
= more than the number of Chinese (Mandarin) sentences (20th ranked language)

21,187 Kabyle
= more than the number of Persian sentences (33rd ranked language)

18,962 German
= more than the number of Romanian sentences (34th ranked language)
5 days ago
Preset Searches for Study on

I made this as a modified advanced search with a few presets options.
Perhaps some members may find this useful.

1. show only sentences by members who claim to be native speakers.
2. random sort

You can easily change a few other options.
5 days ago
** New Spanish Voice **


If you, too, would like to add audio files in your native language, please read
7 days ago
That just means it's http: and not https:
Since you're not submitting any data to that website, it doesn't matter.
There are a lot of websites using http: and not https.

8 days ago - 8 days ago
Create a Dashboard of Customized Links for

It's been updated to include a few new items.

If you are a regular user of this, you may need to force a reload to get the new version of the external .js file.

For people who haven't yet tried this, ...

1. This will load in faster than, since it will cache on your own computer and doesn't require a connection to the database.

- If you just need to get to the search or need to get some specific links, you can save time.

2. This is set up to give you several options for ways to find sentences to translate into your own language.

3. Once you have chosen the language you want to translate from and your native language, you can bookmark the resulting page, and access your bookmark. This means you don't have to set it up every time.

4. Members who like to translate from several languages, can easily set up and bookmark several versions of this. The external .js file that gets cached on your computer is the same one.

8 days ago
The 178 Languages with Registered Native Speakers
9 days ago - 9 days ago

This doesn't have links to research papers yet, but there are links to projects that use the data.
I haven't updated it in a long time, so there are likely others by now.
13 days ago - 13 days ago
I used to leave such comments for English-Japanese translations and tommy_san and others would leave Japanese-English translations for me that way.

Here are a few examples. ちょっと待ってくれる? トムの言ったことは的はずれだった。 トムはハーバードで法律の教育を受けた。 トムは時々会いに来る。 トムは泳げない。 トムは演説をしました。 トムは演説をしました。 ボストンまでどうやって行くつもり? もう時間だ。

There seem to be 22 such example comments by me left. I usually delete the comments as soon as I notice someone has added the translations, so we did a lot more this way quite successfully.

Another method, is to go ahead and contribute the translation, if you are sure it's correct, and then release it (unown it). This is what several members do with the English. I often adopt such sentences when I proofread sentences.
20 days ago - 20 days ago
** Number of Links Created and Deleted **

20 days ago - 20 days ago
157 members (less than 0.4% of our members) have added 939,602 OK ratings to 937,368 sentences (about 13% of our sentences).

929,871 (99%) of these ratings were added by the following 20 members.

CK (713,571)
PaulP (142,170)
Guybrush88 (26,706)
bill (24,238)
Selena777 (4,355)
Pfirsichbaeumchen (36,19)
alexmarcelo (2,626)
tulin (2,520)
tornado (2,410)
Wezel (1,459)
soliloquist (1,397)
Raizin (1,289)
Thanuir (1,271)
odexed (1,259)
raggione (852)
umano (809)
Bilmanda (772)
Aiji (765)
Impersonator (734)
Scorpionvenin14 (668)

There are 8,202 non-OK ratings.

You can see a list of members who have added "not OK" ratings.

Many of these are "outdated ratings", since corrections have been made.

22 days ago - 20 days ago
** Stats - 2019-03-02 - Number of Comments by Members **

Someone reported that the link above gave a security warning.

If the other link gets some kind of security warning, try this one instead.

22 days ago - 22 days ago
The standard forum format might also be a good replacement for the Wall.

Often, when many comments are added to the same Wall post, it gets difficult to follow.

I think that wouldn't happen if we had a standard forum.

To maintain a somewhat similar feel to the website, it might be possible to show the forum titles on the right side of the home page, in much the same way that the current Wall messages are shown.

I wonder if it would be possible to adapt one of the open source online forums, using the same login usernames and passwords as Or, a CakaPHP plugin . .


Here is a demo of the CakePHP-Forum.
24 days ago
Daily Contribution Averages for the Past 61 Months
26 days ago - 26 days ago
I dream that the data would be of good quality so that anyone who had a great idea for a language learning application (or a language tool) could just focus on coding the application.

The way it is now, to use the sentences for language study requires someone (the developer or a trusted colleague) to proofread and choose sentences for the target language to be learned. Otherwise, students are exposed to bad examples of language usage.
26 days ago - 26 days ago
I like what TRANG said in 2009.

So the concept is : we gather a lot of data, try to organize it, ensure it is of good quality and make it freely accessible, downloadable and redistributable, so that anyone who has a great idea for a language learning application (or a language tool) can just focus on coding the application and rely on us to provide data of excellent quality.
29 days ago - 29 days ago
Here are a few stats on English that has not yet been translated into Turkish.
46,321 English sentences with audio, not yet translated into Turkish
232,755 English sentences on List 907, not yet translated into Turkish
355,345 English sentences by self-identified native, not yet translated into Turkish
183,192 English sentences by CK, not yet translated into Turkish
24,860 English sentences by Hybrid, not yet translated into Turkish
3,637 English sentences by AlanF_US, not yet translated into Turkish
285 English sentences by DostKaplan, not yet translated into Turkish

504158 English sentences, not yet translated into Turkish (with no attempt at filtering for qaulity)

Note that Turkish is the language which has translated the highest percentage of sentences on List 907. You can see recent stats for all languages here.
29 days ago - 29 days ago
> (Seems like translation to Turkish has been less frequent in the last year??)

Judging from Sharptoothed's most-recent graph, the slope of the Turkish line looks pretty steady and not a great deal of change. This does show "contributions" and not "translations," so if a lot more Turkish sentences are being contributed that are not translations, then you may be right.