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7 hours ago
There are better examples to translate.
Try this search.
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** Stats - 2018-05-19 - Native Speaker Sentence Counts **

This week, there is a column showing the date of each of these member's last native language contribution.
yesterday - yesterday
Here's the link.

#3298620 There are three men.

If a native speaker advanced contributor is willing to adopt this, I can remove the "red" warning.
2 days ago - 2 days ago
> Are you planning to develop it, using also grammar criteria?
Not likely, since that would require a lot more manual labor than just looking up words.

> Do you attribute only one single level to each word?
The level is the lowest level that word has.
For words, with multiple meanings (and thus possibly more than one level), this type of vocabulary analysis won't always get it right.

> May I ask which software do you use to sort out the sentences?

I used the website listed at the top of the page, and then did some manual editing.

I'm more likely to stick the the multiple Graded Reader Levels, since this divides the vocabulary into smaller steps, so is likely more useful for many students.

Here are the levels, listed with explanations and an easy way to search.

You can also directly see the lists on using this search.
2 days ago
Here is another brief example using CEFR.
Some Recently-contributed English Sentences (CEFR-A1-B2 Color-coded)
2 days ago
For those interested in what the output looks like, here is a screenshot of the following sentence.

[#6891074] Tom was speaking faster than usual.
2 days ago
Have you seen "CK's OGTE-Level Lists"?

Read the "About" part at the top of the page.
5 days ago
There used to be a statement somewhere on that explained that the reason CC-BY was chosen for this project was that under French law "public domain" wasn't allowed and that authors needed to be credited. If that law still applies, then perhaps sentences from the Tatoeba Project can never be CC-0.
7 days ago - 7 days ago
** Stats - 2018-05-12 - Native Speaker Sentence Counts **

You will notice there are a number of negative numbers in the "since last week" column due to deletions by the duplicate-merging script that Trang ran last week.
8 days ago
Daily Contribution Stats (All on One Page)

Days Listed: 3616
Daily Average: 1813.49
Sunday Average: 1872.14
Monday Average: 1728.45
Tuesday Average: 1693.32
Wednesday Average: 1829.03
Thursday Average: 1782.39
Friday Average: 2001.85
Saturday Average: 1791.44
12 days ago - 11 days ago
** New Hungarian Voice **

TaborV has contributed 1,298 Hungarian audio files.
With All Translations
With English Translations Only
13 days ago - 13 days ago
** A New English Voice **


Also, the following members have recently contributed a lot of new audio files.

arh (Spanish)

CK (English)
13 days ago
** Latest Additions to List 907 **

If you are interested, you can find the most-recently added sentences to my list of proofread English sentences that I've selected to use on my projects.

Here is a brief explanation about List 907.

25 days ago - 25 days ago
** Easily Navigate Through English Sentences with Audio **

This page preloads all the English sentence numbers with audio, so you don't need to keep reconnecting to the database to get the next sentence number. This means it will likely be faster for you if you want to jump from page to page for English sentences with audio.

Also, as the page from is loading, the audio file will start playing.

I haven't tested this on a mobile, so I don't know if it will work well for smart phones.

To find the newest sentences, jump to the last page, and then click the "back" button.

To find the oldest sentences, jump to the first page, and then click the "next" button.
2018-04-07 00:14 - 2018-04-07 00:21
To see how many sentences were added, see the blue text in the "sentences" column.

If you need them sorted, just copy and paste the data into Excel or any spreadsheet application and sort by the appropriate column.

Here are all the languages with more than 10 additions in the most recent data from sharpthoothed.

Turkish 3,218
Italian 2,361
Russian 2,353
English 2,028
Portuguese 1,621
Ukrainian 1,393
German 803
Esperanto 478
French 326
Spanish 293
Lithuanian 261
Basque 188
Dutch 181
Swedish 118
Marathi 109
Latvian 86
Finnish 36
Toki Pona 34
Hungarian 33
Danish 31
Serbian 28
Volapük 20
Igbo 19
Latin 17
Unknown 17
Coastal Kadazan 15
Interlingua 14
2018-04-03 02:59
** Create a "dashboard" of useful links for yourself. **

I know a number of members are already using this, but maybe some newer members don't know this exists.
2018-03-22 06:09
Finding Indirect Translations That Might Match

These are direct "advanced search" links to help advanced contributors find indirectly-linked translations that might match proofread English sentences.

2018-03-22 02:23 - 2018-03-23 06:57
[Edited] I put this explanation at the top of that page.
2018-03-21 09:31
** Inactive Members List **

Advanced contributors may adopt sentences in their own native languages that are owned by members who have had their accounts set to "inactive."

The default sort is by language, so scroll to the part of the list with your language.

There was a request for this kind of list on the Wall a while back.

2018-03-12 01:27 - 2018-03-12 01:47
It's a bit old, but here's a list, click the column "Status" 2 times, to put "suspended" and "inactive" at the top of the list.

You will need to click their usernames to find their non-native contributions, if any.
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