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sharptoothed sharptoothed 18日前 2020年9月2日 15:15:26 UTC link 固定リンク

* Tatoeba Most Translated Sentences Charts * charts have been updated:

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CK CK 17日前 2020年9月3日 1:42:38 UTC link 固定リンク

This (new?) one is an interesting idea.

Sentences translated by the largest number of members

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mccarras mccarras 15日前 2020年9月5日 1:21:42 UTC link 固定リンク

Love this one!

lbdx lbdx 15日前 2020年9月5日 10:02:17 UTC link 固定リンク

I also like the third table with the most popular sentences. It's funny to note that although 29% of English sentences contain the word "Tom", only 1% of the most popular sentences contain this word.

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Cabo Cabo 15日前, 編集 15日前 2020年9月5日 11:06:11 UTC, 編集 2020年9月5日 11:11:28 UTC link 固定リンク

Tom is popular, but the interjections (hello; bonjour), short and single sentences (Go!, What?), well-known phrases (How are you?; Je ne sais pas.) are the most popular ones amongst translators. It's not a big surprise.
Ask Tom. (short sentence); Hello, Tom. (interjection); My name is Tom. (well-known phrase)

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maaster maaster 14日前, 編集 14日前 2020年9月5日 18:45:32 UTC, 編集 2020年9月5日 18:57:24 UTC link 固定リンク

Ez így van. De vannak vegyes mondatok is; pl.: Hello, Tom. Hogy hívnak, Tom? Ez kolbász, Tom. Vagy valami hasonlók.

Ja, hogy ez a legnépszerűbb mondatokhoz íródott!

lbdx lbdx 14日前, 編集 14日前 2020年9月6日 8:31:20 UTC, 編集 2020年9月6日 8:31:58 UTC link 固定リンク

@Cabo You have a point. It would be interesting to compile the rankings of the most popular sentences in the last month alone. This would allow us to see how the situation evolves now that the most obvious sentences you mention are already widely covered.

brauchinet brauchinet 11日前, 編集 11日前 2020年9月9日 8:52:38 UTC, 編集 2020年9月9日 9:11:34 UTC link 固定リンク

Update of my previous post:
Original sentences within a given calendar week that attracted the most (direct and indirect) translations in the following 3 weeks.
The main point is that translations are to be in different languages and by different users. So, when a user translates their own sentence into different languages, these translations won’t count. Nonetheless, they can serve as a base for new (indirect) translations by other users.
I thought this little “competion” could give an idea which kind of recently added sentences members find interesting to translate. (hm…)

Week 31: 3 sentences with 5 translations
Sentence #8950897 [eng] (CK)
#8951011 [asm] Mohsin_Ali, #8951125 [rus] marafon, #8954378 [epo] Verdastelo, #8954395 [nld] martinod, #8958525 [lit] glavsaltulo
Sentence #8952548 [fra] (Julien_PDC)
#8969377 [rus] marafon, #8969471 [epo] soweli_Elepanto, #8969947 [deu] Esperantostern, #8971291 [ido] Idopauline, #8984793 [lit] glavsaltulo
Sentence #8952549 [fra] (Julien_PDC)
#8969376 [rus] marafon, #8969472 [epo] soweli_Elepanto, #8969946 [deu] Esperantostern, #8971294 [ile] Idopauline, #8984795 [lit] glavsaltulo

Week 32: 2 sentences with 8 translations
Sentence #8961864 [eng] (CK)
#8961903 [ces] Ergulis, #8962236 [ron] elenacristina260, #8967653 [rus] marafon, #8967884 [epo] Verdastelo, #8968842 [deu] Pfirsichbaeumchen, #8968854 [lit] glavsaltulo, #8969452 [jpn] small_snow, #8971264 [ido] Idopauline
Sentence #8962885 [eng] (CK)
#8963583 [epo] Verdastelo, #8963758 [rus] marafon, #8974936 [lit] glavsaltulo, #8979760 [por] JGEN, #9001683 [tur] soliloquist, #9001840 [deu] Pfirsichbaeumchen, #9003914 [spa] Shishir, #9003916 [ces] Ergulis

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lbdx lbdx 10日前 2020年9月9日 17:27:14 UTC link 固定リンク

I like the idea of measuring popularity over a few weeks time frame to spot the "weekly trending sentences".

On the other hand, it seems to me that it would be fairer to compare only the sentences of the same language and therefore not to take into account the indirect translations.

brauchinet brauchinet 21時間前 2020年9月19日 18:43:58 UTC link 固定リンク

One more update on “Most successful sentences per calendar week”:
Recently added original sentences that attracted the most translations in different languages by different members.

Week 33
7 translations:
Sentence #8967901 [eng] (CK) We got lost in the cave.
6 translations:
Sentence #8973283 [por] (Ricardo14) Sou do Brasil, e você?
Sentence #8977198 [por] (Ricardo14) É um prazer imenso.
Sentence #8978634 [eng] (CK) Tom's house is over there.

Week 34
7 translations:
Sentence #8984009 [eng] (CK) Tom isn't a socialist.
Sentence #8986800 [por] (Ricardo14) Eu falo grego, e você?
6 translations:
Sentence #8983956 [eng] (CK) Tom isn't colorblind.
Sentence #8985089 [por] (Ricardo14) Eu quero morar em Lisboa.
Sentence #8986338 [por] (Ricardo14) Carlos é espanhol e a esposa dele é alemã.
Sentence #8986803 [por] (Ricardo14) Eu falo um pouco de alemão.

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Thanuir Thanuir 5時間前 2020年9月20日 11:14:41 UTC link 固定リンク

What would this look like if scaled by the number of translations the sentences in a given language usually get?

That is, divide the number of English translation of a given sentence by the average number of translations English sentences have, and so on for other languages.

This would tell how popular a particular sentence is, but would control for the fact that there are many more people translating from English than many other languages, for example.

Tango Tango 1日前 2020年9月18日 19:02:57 UTC link 固定リンク

Hi, my name is Tango, I just joint tatoeba to contribute a translation for our native language, I read on how I can add it in this article but on my profile I can't seem to find a way to add it. any help would be very apprecitated.

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TRANG TRANG 1日前 2020年9月18日 21:39:02 UTC link 固定リンク

Hi Tango and welcome! :)

You will have to wait that your language request is implemented and deployed before you can add the language in your profile. This can take a week or two.

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Tango Tango 1日前 2020年9月18日 21:44:39 UTC link 固定リンク

Thank you Trang for the quick update, will look forward for it to be integrated.

morbrorper morbrorper 8日前, 編集 8日前 2020年9月12日 7:09:11 UTC, 編集 2020年9月12日 7:13:33 UTC link 固定リンク

Most often, when I perform an exact search for a Japanese sentence I have found at Clozemaster, the search doesn't find anything. However, if I set "Is orphan" and "Is unapproved" to Any, the sentence will be found. I find it very irritating that I have to go through that extra step, especially if the first search is lengthy.

Try this one:

I can possibly understand that Tatoeba does not want to pollute the search results with dodgy sentences, but when there is an exact match I think an exception should be made.

Another issue is why there are so many Japanese sentences that seem to be mostly forgotten, having no owner and sometimes with very "imaginative" English translations. Might this partly be because they are hidden by the search interface?

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CK CK 8日前 2020年9月12日 8:45:36 UTC link 固定リンク

Bookmark this URL.
It's a pre-filled advanced search form with what you want.

The pre-filled search form option is something that was added recently.

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morbrorper morbrorper 8日前 2020年9月12日 9:26:15 UTC link 固定リンク

Thanks, that helps a bit, but not when I issue the search directly from Clozemaster.

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AlanF_US AlanF_US 8日前, 編集 8日前 2020年9月12日 12:06:54 UTC, 編集 2020年9月12日 12:12:23 UTC link 固定リンク

I suggest posting a request at Clozemaster for them to change the parameters of the query issued to include at least orphans (unapproved might be more problematic) when searching for a full sentence. Searching for a single word is probably a different story, since you would probably get enough good matches without relaxing the criteria.

Many of our Japanese sentences come from the Tanaka Corpus, and we've had too few Japanese-speaking members to fix all the problems with it.

Cabo Cabo 2日前 2020年9月18日 5:18:44 UTC link 固定リンク

Are you sure that all of the sentences originate from here?
Or maybe the sentence was rewritten but on clozemaster the infomation hasn't changed.
I also not found one of its English sentence pair so far. (in first 100 most used words list)

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morbrorper morbrorper 2日前 2020年9月18日 7:00:48 UTC link 固定リンク

Judging from my experience, I am quite sure. I don't think Clozemaster uses any other corpus than Tatoeba, and Clozemaster does not rewrite sentences, to my knowledge.

It seems that Clozemaster fetched all its Japanese sentences from Tatoeba some five to eight years ago, so any changes made after that are not reflected in its corpus. On the other hand, not a lot seems to have happened with these sentences here at Tatoeba in the meantime, anyway. But if you don't find a particular sentence, it might have been deleted.

sharptoothed sharptoothed 6日前 2020年9月13日 16:39:07 UTC link 固定リンク

** Stats & Graphs **

Tatoeba Stats, Graphs & Charts have been updated:

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Guybrush88 Guybrush88 6日前 2020年9月13日 22:03:04 UTC link 固定リンク


CK CK 5日前 2020年9月14日 23:48:53 UTC link 固定リンク

51 usernames from sharptoothed's Tatoeba User Activity Chart from last week had both a tcnt/scnt over 1 and over 1,000 native language sentences.

aldar, alexmarcelo, arh, Balamax, bandeirante, bill, brauchinet, bunbuku, CH, CK, CM, CN, danepo, deniko, diegohn, dotheduyet1999, elenacristina260, Esperantostern, felix63, felvideki, gillux, GrizaLeono, Hybrid, lbdx, LeeSooHa, Luiaard, manese, marafon, MarijnKp, martinod, Micsmithel, morbrorper, mraz, Ninja, Nylez, Objectivesea, odexed, ondo, PaulP, Pfirsichbaeumchen, po_slovensky, Ricardo14, sacredceltic, Selena777, sharptoothed, shekitten, Shishir, Silja, small_snow, Tepan, Yorwba

Source URL:

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Thanuir Thanuir 5日前 2020年9月15日 4:32:48 UTC link 固定リンク


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deniko deniko 5日前, 編集 5日前 2020年9月15日 15:20:53 UTC, 編集 2020年9月15日 15:21:04 UTC link 固定リンク

tcnt/scnt is this guy:

If it's 1.5 this means 1000 of your sentences have 1500 translations directly linked to it (on average).

If it's <1 this means you add a lot of sentences without translations.

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Cabo Cabo 4日前 2020年9月15日 17:05:30 UTC link 固定リンク

This number only means that how many sentences are connected your sentences.

"If it's <1 this means you add a lot of sentences without translations."
If I write only one sentence (and not translate it), but 8 other contributor tranlates that, then my tcnt/scnt number is 8.

Thanuir Thanuir 4日前 2020年9月15日 18:35:04 UTC link 固定リンク

So this is a measure of

1. how popular your language is (as a foreign language)
2. how convenient (easy, short, simple) your sentences are to translate
3. how many sentences you write as translations of others, rather than as original sentences.

I would say that it is not particularly virtuous to aim for a high number here.

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AlanF_US AlanF_US 4日前 2020年9月15日 22:36:56 UTC link 固定リンク

I agree with you.

soliloquist soliloquist 4日前, 編集 4日前 2020年9月15日 20:15:59 UTC, 編集 2020年9月16日 11:29:12 UTC link 固定リンク

I don't quite understand how tcnt/scnt is determined.

The user below has 3 sentences all of which are linked to a translation, so I would expect their tcnt/scnt to be 1, but it is 0.3 on the chart.

And this user's ratio is 0.8 on the chart although their all sentences are linked to a translation.

What am I missing?

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sharptoothed sharptoothed 4日前 2020年9月16日 5:23:36 UTC link 固定リンク

It looks like "Count only native contributions" checkbox is checked. Uncheck it and you'll see what you expected. I can't explain it right now, sorry. Maybe there's a bug in my scripts. I'll try to find it out.

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soliloquist soliloquist 4日前 2020年9月16日 11:27:43 UTC link 固定リンク

Thanks. I'm sorry to have bothered you.

The user glavsaltulo has 31,220 sentences (31,193 of them are in their native language, Lithuanian).

And only 4 of their sentences are untranslated.

But their tcnt/scnt is 0.50 on the chart when 'Count only native contributions' is checked.

So there must be something that decreases this number other than untranslated and non-native sentences.

Unchecking that checkbox gives a more accurate number as you mentioned.

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sharptoothed sharptoothed 3日前 2020年9月16日 19:54:29 UTC link 固定リンク

When that checkbox is checked only sentences created by natives counted. That is, if a member has 3 sentences and all of them are translated once but only one sentence belongs to a native then the ratio will be 1/3.

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soliloquist soliloquist 3日前, 編集 1日前 2020年9月16日 21:06:52 UTC, 編集 2020年9月18日 22:38:33 UTC link 固定リンク


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sharptoothed sharptoothed 2日前 2020年9月17日 16:39:17 UTC link 固定リンク

"Count only native contributions" is unchecked by default and saved in cookies, as far as I remember. This checkbox is for those who needs statistics for native contributors.

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 5日前 2020年9月15日 16:12:21 UTC link 固定リンク

Shouldn't the Hebrew sentences be RTL?



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AlanF_US AlanF_US 4日前 2020年9月15日 22:41:25 UTC link 固定リンク

They are displayed right-to-left, but I think your question is whether they should be right-justified rather than left-justified, correct?

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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 4日前 2020年9月16日 5:29:56 UTC link 固定リンク

Yes, indeed. Thank you!

thebpogroup thebpogroup 4日前 2020年9月16日 3:37:04 UTC link 固定リンク

この書き込みは 規約違反のため非表示となっております。管理人と投稿者本人のみ読むことができます。

gillux gillux 17日前 2020年9月3日 16:09:55 UTC link 固定リンク

Check out the new "Browse by language" page: (note that it displays differently for guests and logged-in users).
Related issue:

Feedback is welcome. Also, a lot of code changed under the hood, so I’d be glad if you could check if the rest of the website is working normally.

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AlanF_US AlanF_US 16日前, 編集 16日前 2020年9月3日 20:42:32 UTC, 編集 2020年9月4日 0:34:29 UTC link 固定リンク

I really like it. I see a lot of influence from Wikipedia, but there's nothing wrong with that. I particularly like the display of languages by number of sentences (100,000+, 10,000+, etc.). That might be especially helpful in motivating people to add sentences in order to move their language from one group to another (for instance, another 3,000+ sentences will get Polish into the 100,000+ group).

Regarding the text "0+ sentences": Since you have a "1+ sentence" category, it should suffice to show "0 sentences". But I'm not sure why we have so many languages with no sentences. Don't we require sentences to be added for a language before we support the language? I suppose that we could have languages that have a small number of sentences that are then all deleted, for one reason or another. But displaying languages with zero sentences could just lead people to wonder why we don't support every known language, since we apparently don't even require sentences for the language before we display it.

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gillux gillux 16日前 2020年9月3日 21:44:18 UTC link 固定リンク

Thanks! I’m glad you like it too. :-)

Right, the "0+ sentences" is weird. It won’t appear on because all languages have at least one sentence. It does appear on though because we keep the list of supported languages updated without adding new sentences. I’m going change it into "0 sentences" nonetheless.

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AlanF_US AlanF_US 16日前 2020年9月4日 0:32:47 UTC link 固定リンク

I see. That makes sense.

TRANG TRANG 15日前 2020年9月5日 10:18:56 UTC link 固定リンク

Thanks again for this page gillux, I'm looking forward to having this deployed on prod :)

The issues I've noticed:

1) The "unknown" language has a blank icon and clicking on it leads to an error.

2) The South Levantine Arabic icon is wrongly sized (but you have already noted that).

3) I also thought for a moment that some languages were missing an icon. For with "Tahaggart Tamahaq", if you don't know that it's one language you could be thinking that Tahaggart is one language and Tamahaq is another language and wondering why the second one doesn't have an icon.
If you could make the space between languages larger, or reduce the line-height of the language names, it would make it clear which string corresponds to the same language.

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gillux gillux 14日前 2020年9月5日 21:51:38 UTC link 固定リンク

I fixed 1) and 2) already.

As for 3), I borrowed this way of displaying text from Wikipedia. It’s less of a problem for them because they localize each language names. I could change the display like you suggested, but this will make the text unaligned with other columns. I like how straight and organized it looks right now.

I’m not sure how to go about this but I’d rather try to approach the problem differently.

rumpelstilzchen rumpelstilzchen 6日前 2020年9月14日 7:30:24 UTC link 固定リンク

The new "Browse by language" page is now deployed on

Tepan Tepan 12日前 2020年9月8日 12:29:38 UTC link 固定リンク

This project is really great! <3

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TRANG TRANG 7日前 2020年9月13日 11:45:20 UTC link 固定リンク

Thank you! :)

CK CK 8日前 2020年9月12日 2:14:17 UTC link 固定リンク

There are now 777,777 sentences on List 907. 513,553 (66%) of these have audio.

This is the list of good proofread English sentences that I use on my projects.

Bilingual sentence pairs made up of these sentences and sentences by native speakers contributing to the Tatoeba Project can be downloaded from .

Screenshot showing the 777,777 number.

For comparison, here are the number of sentences for the 2nd and 3rd ranked languages on
Russian = 798,683
Italian = 767,143

Link to List 907.

Thanuir Thanuir 11日前 2020年9月9日 14:50:47 UTC link 固定リンク

Codidact languages site:

This is an open source Q&A-community in the style of Stack exchange, but non-commercial and also the source code is open. This particular instance I linked to is about languages; maybe people here find it to be of interest.

{{vm.hiddenReplies[35931] ? 'expand_more' : 'expand_less'}} 返信を非表示 返信を表示
mccarras mccarras 10日前 2020年9月10日 0:33:10 UTC link 固定リンク

Cool! Thank you!