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2012-07-04 12:08
I would like to make a suggestion about the Japanese sentences in the corpus. I find sentences with automatically added furigana not very convenient. Most of them are not correct so, since they don’t fulfill their function, they become useless. Some people usually post comments with the right reading, but wouldn’t it be better that users themselves could modify that furigana sentences?

The fact of not being able to find words just by writing the hiragana is also a problem. Sometimes a Japanese word may be written with several different kanjis, and the only sentences displayed are those containing the same kanji that you wrote.

From my point of view, a good and easy solution would be having furigana sentences deleted and letting users write a related sentence wholly in hiragana, as it was a translation. This way it would become possible to search by pronunciation and not just by kanji. What do you think?
2012-06-14 13:37
Thanks. :)
2012-06-13 18:11
Thank you very much, freefighter and sysko. I've just installed it; I will try it out as soon as I'm free.

You can find here the out-of-date link from which I tried to download the program:
It should be replaced with the correct one.
2012-06-13 18:03
Exacto, la clave está en las palabras "cuando designan entidades o colectividades institucionales".
2012-06-13 17:55
Teskmon, puedes estar tranquilo, la Fundéu es totalmente fiable. En la práctica es el intérprete de la RAE, siempre se encarga de aclarar las ambigüedades de esta última. ¬¬ Si te fijas, en la parte superior derecha de la página pone "Con el asesoramiento de la Real Academia Española".
2012-06-13 17:39
Cuidado, chicos, las explicaciones de la RAE no suelen ser muy claras. Sólo se debe escribir con mayúscula cuando se trate de la institución. "La policía", si hace referencia a un grupo de policías, también va en minúscula.

Podéis consultarlo en estas páginas, viene mejor explicado:


->(apartado 3.14.)

->(apartado 29)
2012-06-13 09:04
Hello, everybody. I am thinking about contributing audio, so I've tried to download Shtooka Recorder, but the link seems to be broken. Do you know if there is another way to record sentences?