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2018-11-29 08:05 - 2018-11-29 08:27
For some sentences there is a notice saying "This sentence is original and was not derived from translation.".

Is it possible to perform a search within (or out of) all such sentences?

This could be sometimes useful, if one would like to search within all original sentences (i.e., not directly translated from other languages), or within all non-original (directly translated) sentences.
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2018-11-29 20:28
>Is it possible to perform a search within (or out of) all such sentences?

You can easily do this using the advanced search. Just be sure to select the 'exclude' and 'any language' options on the translations pane.

This link, for example, shows the original German sentences that have the word Tom.

And this one shows all original Persian sentences (no word limitation).
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2018-11-29 20:41
This isn't quite the same, because you only get sentences without any translations.
Say, I want to see original Turkish sentences, no matter whether they have been translated.
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2018-11-29 20:52
You're right, but sentences without any translations are likely to be original.

Is there a better way to search such sentences regardless if they have translations or not?

2018-11-30 19:02
This is not possible yet, sorry. The "original" indicator is still a fairly recent feature and the search has not yet been adapted to take this information into account.

Could you elaborate what drives you to search for original sentences, or to exclude original sentences in your search?
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2018-12-05 21:08

1-Sometimes I would like to simply obtain a statistic of all original sentences in my native languages, and search among them

2-translations, even the best ones, are not as natural as non translated sentences, and inadvertently inherite some characteristics of the language that translate. When I search sentences in a given language, sometimes I prefere to search just between the originals.