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2018-12-15 18:22
İs tehere a problem? I can not searching :(
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2018-12-15 19:46
Yes there is some issue with the search engine. I disabled it for now. It's unclear what caused the crash and I'm not sure when we can restore the feature. Looking into it.
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2018-12-16 00:38
The search is back! Sorry for the inconvenience.

The website crashed because too many sentences have been updated within a too short period of time. This caused an overload of work for our search engine and as a result, the random sentence selection (which relies on the search engine) was taking way much more time than it should. Since the random sentence is a feature of the homepage, which is the most visited page, everything went downhill.

We should be good now.
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2018-12-16 01:03
Good news! Thanks a lot, Trang!
2018-12-16 23:32
Thank you.