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2018-12-30 14:39
I noticed there are repeated sentences, I mean sentences that I have already translated, I find them again untranslated. Should they be indicated or is it normal?
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2018-12-30 16:57
Do you mean that you added a translation but then your translation disappears? Can you point out sentences that you have translated but have found untranslated?
2018-12-28 14:12
Une ressource en français qui peut servir d'introduction aux langues du Seigneur des Anneaux, avant de lire les phrases disponibles sur Tatoeba :

Ce n'est pas écrit par moi, et le site qui l'héberge ne m'appartient pas non plus, mais j'y participe, donc si vous considerez que c'est de la publicité abusive, n'hésitez pas à supprimer ce message. Je ne vous en tiendrais pas rigueur.
2018-12-28 13:30 - 2018-12-28 13:31

Searched with the quotes:
"Three * of * four"

Got one matching result:

About three out of every four marriages end in divorce.

Searched with the quotes:
"Three * of * *our"

The matching result I got earlier with the other search did not appear this time. Instead I got two non-matching results:

I put three teaspoons of sugar in your tea.
[Shouldn't have matched 'sugar in' with one wildcard character.]

We have probably about three hundred of those in our warehouse.
[Shouldn't have matched 'those in' with one wildcard character.]
2018-12-26 23:09
Happy birthday, Guybrush88!!!
Buon compleanno!
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2018-12-26 23:52
Happy birthday, Guybrush!
2018-12-27 05:48
Buon compleanno! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Guybrush! :o)
2018-12-27 09:37
thanks to everyone :)
2018-12-21 15:54
ln the search box, there is a small sign x which can be used to delete the content at once. It could be helpful if one has the same thing in the advanced search boxes, specially when using touch devices.
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2018-12-26 20:54
I agree. Note, however, that the advanced search word field is narrower than the regular search field, so the x will be smaller and harder to press.

I added this as a new issue ticket:
2018-12-26 19:03 - 2018-12-26 19:04
Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone surrounding this community!
It would be awesome if there would be a way to download the list titled:

" ! #01 - Proofread Good English Sentences That CK Uses on His Projects - List 907 - Over 700,000 Sentences "

That would be very much appreciated.
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2018-12-26 20:31
If your goal is to study other languages using it, have a look at this.
2018-12-24 12:24
* Tatoeba Top 30 Languages Interactive Graphs*

Tatoeba Top 30 Languages Interactive Graphs have been updated:
2018-12-24 06:34 - 2018-12-24 06:35
Áldott, békés Karácsonyt!


2018-12-21 21:53
Feliz Navidad a Todos y gracias por contribuir en Tatoeba.
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2018-12-21 23:22
Gracias y un feliz festivus a tí.
2018-12-22 13:46
Merry Christmas everyone!
2018-12-22 14:45
Feliz natal, pessoal!
2018-12-23 20:12 - 2018-12-24 10:30
My six year old enjoys saying "Merry whatever" this Christmas season. Sounds kind of grumpy, but also cute.

He claims to have picked it up from some cartoon, I haven't seen it.

Anyway, I liked this expression a lot myself :) So, Merry Whatever!

EDIT: A kind person sent me a PM telling it was probably the Grinch:

Looks like that, yeah.
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2018-12-23 23:32
Merry Whatever! hehehe
2018-12-17 12:05
Import a csv-file with translations into Tatoeba?

There are a lot of sentences, which only differ in a first name (e.g. Tom, Jim, Sami). So I exchanged these names to check if there is a translation in the tatoeba database with another first name. (I do this in a local database which only contains the English and German sentences.)

The sentence "Tom hasn't come home yet." has no German translation, but there is a sentence "Jim hasn't come home yet." with the translation
"Jakob ist noch nicht nach Hause gekommen."
I read this, replaced e.g. "Jakob" by "Tom" and then you have the translation of
"Tom hasn't come home yet." = "Tom ist noch nicht nach Hause gekommen."

With this method I created about 880 new (Eng-Ger) translations. These are stored in a cvs-file (as UTF-8). Finally I have manually checked all these sentences in then cvs-file so there are ready to import. (It is possible that some of the sentences have already been translated in the meantime.)

How or who can import this csv-file to Tatoeba? As a normal contributer I can't do this but I read there is a way. It would be a lot of work to do this manually.
My user id is 73763.
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2018-12-19 10:19
To elaborate:

Indeed, there is a way to mass-import sentences:

I believe that Ricardo meant that you could send a private message to Guybrush88 to ask him to do it for you. Alternatively, you can send me a private message.
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2018-12-19 15:39
it's done now, ck had send me a pm and then did it, thanks
2018-12-21 12:16
Hier als Ankündigung, ich habe eine weitere Liste mit 2000 Übersetungen Eng nach Deu erstellt. Dieses Mal habe ich den Vornamen durch sein Subjekt-Pronomen ersetzt (Tom - he, Mary - she) und die passende äquivalente Übersetzung in der Tatoeba-DB gesucht.
Auch diesmal gilt, alle englischen Sätze sind Sätze, die bereits in Tatoeba existieren und keine deu. Übersetzung hatten (zu dem Zeitpunkt, als die Liste erstellt wurde), nur die deutschen Sätze sind neu, wenn sie noch nicht irgendwo anders als Übersetzung anderer Sprachen mal zugefügt wurden.